9 Things To Consider Buying an Ion Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to portable audio, there are a few options on the market today. You can go with traditional speakers that rely on wiring to play a sound or choose a Bluetooth speaker. Wired speakers are great and can produce a high-quality sound, but they aren’t as portable or accessible as their counterparts. Bluetooth speakers enable you to bring your music with you on the go and only require the charge of a batter to stream your audio device. 

Bluetooth technology has come a long way since its inception in 1994. Bluetooth has become an integral part of our technology-based lives, from simple hands-free devices to the now ubiquitous headphones. Despite this, many people are still unaware of the full potential of a Bluetooth device and all that it can offer. One such example is the Bluetooth speaker. Though their popularity has been rising recently, many people are still unsure how this option works. 

Stereo systems have significantly transformed throughout recent years, and today you can listen to your favorite artist as quickly as connecting your mobile device to a high-quality speaker. A Bluetooth speaker is a perfect accessory to bring your tunes with you on the go. Blue tooth speakers are lovely because they give you a greater volume than listening to music on your phone or television. They’re also much more convenient because they allow you to play music in places without outlet access. 

Speakers Are Better for Your Ears Than Headphones

Headphones are a popular way to listen to music and other audio, but many people don’t realize they’re not as good for your ears as speakers. Speakers produce a more natural stereo sound and are better for your hearing in the long run. When you listen to music or other audio through headphones, the sound is directed straight into your ears. This can harm your hearing over time because it can damage your eardrums. Speakers spread the sound at a less intense volume and are therefore less damaging to your ears. Speakers don’t have this same effect because they put out a more consistent sound level. Additionally, headphones can cause other problems like headaches, hearing loss, and fatigue. 

Tips for Using Portable Speakers

Portable speakers can be a great way to boost the sound of your music, movies, or games. The greatest feature of a portable speaker is just that: portability! Being able to amplify your music or video sound anywhere you go is priceless. Once you hear the superior sound quality, you won’t be able to go back to ordinary sound systems. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your portable speakers: 

1. Make sure you place the speakers in an open area for the best stereo sound quality. They will likely sound muffled if you put them in a corner or near a wall. 

2. Experiment with the placement of the speakers to find the best spot for you. Some people prefer the speakers facing them directly, while others prefer angled toward them. 

3. Remember that portable speaker batteries don’t last forever. Avoid losing your high-quality sound by charging them up before you need them! 

4. Consider investing in a pair of wireless portable speakers if you want even more flexibility regarding placement. 

ION Bluetooth Speaker
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Using a Bluetooth Speaker for Gaming

A Bluetooth speaker is an excellent option for gaming because it delivers great sound and allows you to be hands-free. By using a Bluetooth speaker, you can keep your focus on the game and avoid having to wear headphones, which can be uncomfortable and distracting. In addition, a Bluetooth speaker is perfect for multiplayer games because it allows everyone in the room to hear the game audio. 

Using a Bluetooth Speaker for Movies

If you love watching movies but don’t like keeping the volume low so as not to disturb others, using a Bluetooth speaker is a great solution. Connecting your TV or phone to a Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy your movies at whatever volume level you prefer without worrying about disturbing others. A portable Bluetooth speaker can also be a great way to share your movie-watching experience with friends or family members. Connect each person’s device to the speaker and enjoy! 

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Keeping Your Portable Speakers Safe While Traveling

Portable speakers are great to bring along on trips and vacations, but how can you keep your prized possessions safe while on the go? Here are a few tips to help protect your speakers. 

First, always use a protective case when traveling with your speakers. This will help to prevent them from becoming damaged if they are dropped or knocked around.

Secondly, be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your belongings. If you’re in a crowded area, always keep your speakers with you rather than leaving them out of sight.

Finally, if you’re traveling by plane, check with the airline ahead of time about any restrictions on carrying audio equipment since some of the components that make up the speaker may not be safe aboard the aircraft. 

ION Bluetooth Speaker
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ION Bluetooth Speakers

ION offers a variety of high-quality Bluetooth speakers for any needs. Their speakers are multifunctional, unique, and have features that allow you to use them inside and outside. . When looking for a new speaker, it’s essential to find out what it offers and how it works to help determine if it’s the right speaker for you. In this article, you’ll explore the 9 things to consider before buying an ion Bluetooth speaker system. 


Let’s face it; music is great for just about every occasion. Suppose you enjoy sitting outside in your backyard listening to music as loudly as possible while you work in the garage, or maybe you prefer listening to music in a workspace or production set. In that case, a Bluetooth speaker allows you to listen to high-quality music wherever you go. Ion has a variety of speakers designed for specific environments and purposes. 

On the Go

Clippable speakers are all the rage, and Ion offers a portable speaker that you can clip onto your bag for easy listening on a walk or bike ride. These portable speakers are small and compact, allowing you to carry them discreetly. Listening to podcasts has never been easier, especially if you walk to work or have a longer commute. Clip these speakers on your belt loop, bag, or jacket to keep yourself occupied throughout your commute. Ion also offers an option with a magnetic back, so even if you don’t have anywhere to clip your speaker, you’ll have the opportunity to hang it by its magnetic strip. This is perfect for garage doors or tents with metal frames. 

Professionals in the music industry also value Bluetooth speakers: “We all are reaching toward our Bluetooth speakers – all looking for ways to hear our music. So how about you get the Bluetooth speaker, but you have your favorite artist? Not just Wu-Tang, but I think the whole music industry could use this. Think about if a company like Warner Bros. said, ‘Ok, we’re gonna take Warner Bros.’s classic 100 rock and roll songs and put it in a personal portable speaker for the consumer, so he doesn’t have to depend on his phone, or depend on the internet, or depend on any other force, to enjoy music’.” – RZA of Wu-Tang 

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One factor that consumers prioritize for a Bluetooth speaker is the aesthetic. Not all speakers look the same, and some fit better for different purposes or spaces. ION has a large selection of speakers with different styles and sizes; they have a speaker for just about anywhere. They’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a more traditional speaker similar to a standard stereo. Their Glow Stone Pair speaker is an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that resembles stone or concrete. These will look great in your background or around your home where you want them to blend in; many speakers look unnatural and may throw off your outdoor aesthetic. ION also has the Bright Max Plus speaker equipped with an LED light. This speaker resembles a lantern designed with a minimal aesthetic. This speaker is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple yet modern-looking speaker device. 

Not all of ION’s speakers have a modernized design; they have a few options that mimic the old stereo aesthetic. These speakers hold the powerful sound as other models while offering a retro look for your home or space. 


The size of your speaker and the space it will take up is also essential when deciding which ION portable Bluetooth speaker is for you. If you’re someone who only plants to use at home, indoors, it doesn’t matter what size you choose. A more prominent speaker will provide you with a high quality of sound, but if the sound isn’t a priority, you can also easily find a smaller-sized speaker that you can fit on your desk, counter, or discreetly around your home. Blue tooth speakers are popularly used today for surround sound as well, you can place smaller speakers throughout your home, and with the right connections, you can make them act as a whole home surround system so you can listen to music in any room. 

If you’re looking for a speaker to travel with, a small speaker will be easier to bring, especially if you have to fit one within plane travel guidelines. Hiking essentials also need to be small and compact, and Ion offers speakers that you can carry quickly on the go without taking up too much space and weighing you down. 

Ion also has speakers that can be used for more professional settings, and these speakers are relatively large and will provide you with a much more comprehensive range of great sounds. These prominent speakers are great for parties, weddings, and production sites. 

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LED lights are a more modern addition to the portable Bluetooth speaker. Many of ION’s speakers contain LED lights that change color and patterns with the audio being played. These speakers are great for parties and events as they add extra fun to their room or space. ION also has novelty speakers, such as their Tahiti speaker pair, which resemble tiki lights. For their Party Rocker speakers, portable speakers equipped with microphones, many come with an LED display that helps make karaoke more fun. 

Outdoor vs. Indoor

Bluetooth speakers are lovely because you can use them in the comfort of your home or anywhere from your backyard, school, work, events, and the outdoors. Before choosing an ION speaker, deciding how you’ll use it is essential. If you intend only to use it indoors, the only factor you have to consider is where you’ll keep your speaker and choose one that will fit in your space.

Luckily, ION has many speakers perfect for indoor and outdoor surfaces. If you want to use your speaker outdoors, your options become even more comprehensive. You can now choose a prominent speaker to help give you a robust sound for a backyard or outside stage. If you’re looking for a speaker you can take on walks, bike rides, or hikes, there are smaller-sized speakers that you can clip onto your gear and listen to music on the go. If you intend to use your speaker for indoor and outdoor purposes, ION has many standard sizes that will be a great option. 


Not every speaker ION will be able to give you the same audio quality and sound. Determine what you’ll need before purchasing because you want to ensure your speaker will be loud enough to fill an ample space if needed or one that isn’t too loud if you intend to use it for a smaller space. ION has a variety of speakers, all having different volume ranges. Often, smaller speakers have a less obtuse sound range and are meant to provide high-quality audio for rooms, homes, and smaller spaces. The loudest Bluetooth speaker will produce a high-quality sound that can be heard clearly around large areas, like event halls or music venues. 

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Battery Life

ION’s Bluetooth speakers come with varying battery life, so choosing the best Bluetooth speaker that suits your needs is essential. If you’re someone wanting a blue tooth speaker inside your home, battery life isn’t going to be much of an issue. Your wireless speaker will have easy access to outlets and a charger in your home, making it easy to stay charged and ready for use. But, if you’re someone who plans to use their speaker outdoors, at events, or travels with it, finding a reliable electrical outlet may not be as easy. ION’s speakers have a powerful battery life ranging from 20-30 hours for a battery’s charge. This gives you plenty of time to use your speakers outside your home and enjoy your music. If you’re traveling and aren’t sure you’ll be able to find an outlet, you can also bring along with you a portable charging port. These ports can be used to charge your Bluetooth speaker and your phone, so you can continue to listen to your podcasts and favorite songs as long as you’d like. 

Water Resistance

Ion’s portable speakers are perfect for afternoons by the pool or a day out on the lake. Bringing electronics near bodies of water, especially Bluetooth speakers, is no longer a problem. Ion has a variety of speakers made of a waterproof material that allows you to listen to music without fear of water damage. Set it by the pool, connect your phone, and blast your favorite tunes. This speaker protects against splashes or accidental water exposure for parties or children. There are even Bluetooth speakers that float, so you can keep it near you in the pool or lake without having to keep your eye on it. A waterproof speaker is also an excellent choice because it’s multifunctional. Not only can you use them at the pool, but you can also take them on hiking trips, use them indoors, or in any other environment you want to enhance the atmosphere. If you spend time outdoors and often frequent bodies of water, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is for you.

Check Out ION’s Speakers

Ion offers an ION Sound XP app that gives you easy access to control your wireless speaker from the touch of your phone. If you want to change the volume or other settings of your personalized speaker, the app is an easy way to do so. Many of their speakers offer this feature, making listening to your favorite music a breeze. Today, it’s easier than ever to listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, and movies, whenever and wherever you go. The best speaker lets you stream anything straight from your phone or device. These speakers are one of the most significant advancements in music technology and a must-have for anyone who enjoys listening to music. Before going out and buying one of these devices, reflect on these 9 things to consider before purchasing an ION Bluetooth speaker system. 

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