The 5 Best DJ Speakers for Your Music Setup

The art of DJing has evolved from simple turntablism to a full-blown production and performance art form. While the skill and techniques used by DJs may have changed over the years, the basic premise remains the same: to create a seamless mix of music that entertains and engages listeners. 

Types of DJing

There are various types of DJing, and they all require specific DJ gear. The most popular kind of DJing is turntablism, which uses vinyl records and a DJ mixer to create new music. This type of DJing is typically associated with hip-hop music but can also be used in other genres. There are also digital DJs, who use software to mix tracks, and live DJs, who mix songs live in front of an audience. There are also remix DJs, who take existing pieces and remix them into new versions, and mashup DJs, who create new songs by mixing multiple tracks. Each type of DJing has unique techniques and skills that must be learned in order to be a successful DJ.

Every DJ is unique, and the sound and style they bring to a room, paired with the equipment they use, is what allows them to put on a stand-out show. Having the right laptop, subwoofers, and other equipment is essential for keeping a steady flow of music and maintaining high levels of energy and hype.person with dj set up  

While there are many famous DJs worldwide, one of the most famous DJs is Tiesto, an international music producer from the Netherlands. Here, he talks about the importance of the DJ’s role during a set and what makes a skilled DJ succeed in the music industry:

“I always wing it. I mean, I’m not like a preset kind of guy, so I play a couple of songs, and then I see what sticks, and then I try to build on that, and try to control the crowds and bring them to a different mood, and bring them up and down. I think what makes a great DJ better than a regular DJ is when you play those records, you know? And that’s where you get people; you bring those people through to the highest point on the floor. There are a lot of great, talented DJs that know exactly how to do that, And that’s why they’re out there real DJs, and they don’t just push the button; they know when to play the track exactly at that moment. That’s what makes it special, I think.” – Tiësto on what makes a great DJ 

Sound Quality

Whether it’s the deep bass shaking your chest or the high notes piercing your ears, you want the DJ to be able to control the sound and make sure it’s at an acceptable level. However, what happens when that level is exceeded? You may be surprised to hear that many DJs are not only aware of this problem but also trying to do something about it. Sound quality is a big concern for many DJs, and it’s not just limited to the level of highs or lows. They’re also looking to ensure the music they play has a specific flow that makes you want to dance. The speakers a DJ uses are some essential pieces of DJ equipment that create that high-quality sound. 

What Are DJ Speakers? 

DJ speakers are a type of speaker designed specifically for DJing. They are usually more potent than traditional speakers and have a more comprehensive range of frequencies that they can produce, allowing them to create a louder and more balanced sound. DJ speakers are also often equipped with built-in lights that can be controlled to create different lighting effects. speakers

Your DJ Speaker Set Up 

You want your guests to talk about how great your party or concert was for weeks afterward. The best way to ensure that you have the perfect DJ speaker setup. This will ensure that your music blasts throughout the entire space, making it the party’s focal point. Plus, it will keep your guests on the dance floor all night long! 

How Many Speakers Do You Need?

A DJ typically needs two speakers – one for each audience side. However, if you’re using just a laptop and no mixer, you’ll need to use at least four speakers: two for the left and right sides of the audience and two more to place behind or in front of you to create a better sound stage. You can get away with three speakers if you use them in a small space, like a desk or table. 

What Makes a Good DJ Speaker? 

A DJ speaker is an essential piece of equipment for any disc jockey. It is the principal means by which a DJ will communicate with the audience. There are many different types and sizes of DJ speakers on the market. So, what makes a good DJ speaker? The first consideration is sound quality. The speaker should produce a clear, loud sound that can be heard easily by the audience. It should also have a wide frequency range to ensure that all types of music can be played. The next consideration is portability. The speaker should be lightweight and easy to transport so that it can be moved around easily. It should also come with a carrying case for added convenience. Finally, consider the price. A good DJ speaker does not have to be expensive but should provide good value. There are many affordable options available on the market today. 


Most people would agree that a great-sounding speaker is the key to a good home audio experience. But many people don’t know that the speaker’s subwoofer matters just as much as the other drivers. Experts say that the subwoofer is responsible for up to 80% of the sound you hear from your speakers! That’s why choosing a speaker with a quality subwoofer is essential if you want the best sound possible.

Size, type, and wattage are factors to consider when looking for a speaker with good bass. You’ll need a smaller speaker with less wattage if you have a small room. If you have a large room, you can get away with a more prominent speaker with more wattage. Size matters too. If you use the speaker in ample space, you’ll want to choose one that s not too small. subwoofer

Active vs. Passive Speakers

In the world of audio, there are two types of subwoofer speakers: active and passive. Active speakers require an external power source, while passive speakers do not. Most people are familiar with dynamic speakers, which are more commonly used in personal and commercial settings. However, passive speakers often provide better sound quality and can be used in broader applications. Active speakers are much more common, accessible, and affordable for most DJs, making them a great option. 


There is no clear-cut answer when it comes to whether DJ speakers need an amplifier or not. Some people believe you do not need an amplifier for your DJ speakers, while others claim you cannot have good quality sound without one. The truth is, it depends on your DJ speaker and the wattage it puts out. You probably do not need an amplifier if you have a speaker with a wattage of 500 or less. However, if you have a speaker with a wattage of 1000 or more, you will need an amplifier to get the best sound quality possible.


Portability is essential when it comes to DJ speakers. If you are a mobile DJ, you must have DJ equipment that is easy to move around. It would help if you also had equipment that would sound good no matter where you set it up. Finding a relatively easy speaker for you or your team to move without being too small or large is essential. The perfect DJ speaker allows you to transport it quickly, as frequently as you need, while creating a range of audio for the average spaces you DJ in. 

Are All DJ Speakers the Same?

This is a question that is often asked by people who are new to the DJ world. The answer, however, is no. There is a big difference between the quality of DJ speakers on the market. Here are 5 of the best DJ speakers for your music setup and what to look for when purchasing them. 

1. PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Speakers

The Presonus monitor speakers are sleek and minimal, making them a perfect choice for just about any space. These speakers come in two options, Bluetooth or wired, depending on your needs and use. These meet the criteria if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker with a powerful deep bass. They consist of 3.5in woven composite drivers, which help create a strong bass response and an overall full-body sound. With Bluetooth capabilities, you can stream your favorite songs from your cellphone or laptop. This makes it an easy speaker to haul around without having to carry excessive cords and saves you space on the outlets. The blue tooth feature also gives you more range if you’re using your cellphone and don’t have to have it tied down to the speaker by a cord. 

The PreSonus speakers can adjust the frequency levels, allowing you to transition between low and high frequencies depending on the space you use them. Both the Bluetooth and wired speaker options have audio jacks at the front of the equipment, making it easy for you to connect just about any audio device to them. You can also directly connect your wired headphones to these speakers for a private listening party. These ultra-compact speakers are the perfect Bluetooth speaker for smaller spaces or venues. If you’re also a gamer, need a sound boost in your living room, or DJ for smaller venues, these PreSonus Eris speakers give you the ability to have high-quality sound without taking up too much space. 

Price: $99.95+

PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Speakers

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2. Edifier Wooden Speakers

Edifier’s wooden studio speakers are made of sophisticated, exterior wooden shells. These speakers are aesthetically pleasing and will look great in any venue where you use them. Their compact design allows you to fit them in almost any space without taking up too much room. The sound from these speakers is high-quality, thanks to the 13mm silk dome tweeter and 4 inch complete range unit internally. At the back of one of the speakers, it can connect two devices simultaneously via the AUX receiver. 

You can easily customize your listening preferences. Edifier’s speakers come with a DJ controller that allows you to adjust the volume effortlessly. At the front of this powerful speaker, three switches control the volume, bass, and treble. These speakers are the perfect choice for a recording room or venue with a high-class aesthetic. They’re versatile, compact, and will fit well wherever you bring them. Edifier stands behind their product, and they understand the importance of being able to trust a brand or business. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a two-year warranty to ensure the longevity and quality of your speakers. 

Price: $119.99

Edifier Wooden Speakers

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3. Sony 3-Way-3-Drive Speaker System

Sony has been in the electronic business for decades. Here, they offer a variety of single-standing speakers for you to use at a concert, event, office, or home space. These speakers can be used individually, or you can pair them together to create a more extensive surround sound system. The most traditional speaker is their bookshelf option. Built with a high-res audio system, this is one of the best DJ speakers for your DJ setup or for playing your favorite tunes. This speaker’s three-way driver system provides a complete and wide range of audio.

If you’re a DJ, gamer, have a theater, or spend a lot of time listening to music around your home, this speaker is for you. These speakers contain a powerful woofer system that provides detailed, crystal clear sound granges and deep, stable bass. The .75″ super tweeter and 1″ tweeter help produce the atmospheric sound quality of this speaker. In this selection, you’ll receive two individual bookshelf speakers to help fill your space with detailed audio. If you’re looking for a giant sound, you can easily pair these speakers with one or more of the other speakers Sony offers and build yourself an at-home surround sound setup. 

Price: $178.80

Sony 3-Way-3-Drive Speaker System

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4. Rockville Powered Speakers + Stands

Rockville’s power speakers are one of this list’s top picks for DJ speakers. Not only do they produce a beautiful, full sound, but they also are large and equipped with stands that allow you to transport them and use them in an extensive DJ setup. These are the perfect speakers for more significant events when you need to fill a room when smaller bookshelf-sized speakers can’t do the job. The 15″ long-throw woofer creates a super clear sound and superb bass response. You can even use these speakers for live performances or karaoke sessions. These speakers come with a microphone that allows you to use them for public speaking while providing a high-quality sound. 

Uniquely, Rockville installs an FM radio into these speakers; with these, you can listen to your favorite radio station, which may come in handy if your cell phone, laptop, or streaming device isn’t available. The wireless remote control has many functions, allowing you to change the volume, bass, and treble. You can also customize and tweak the sound from the convenient controls on the back of the devices. They are ergonomically designed and intended for easy transport. At the sides of the speaker’s body, there’s an easy-to-use carrying handle. The speaker’s stands detach quickly and effortlessly, and these devices are lightweight while still providing a robust and powerful sound. 

Price: $399.95

Rockville Powered Speakers + Stands

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5. PRORECK 2-Way PA Speaker Combo

Proreck’s powerful speaker combo was made for events, concerts, and other audio listening environments. These are the perfect speakers for DJs that play small or large events. Out of all the speakers on this list, these may be the most functional and high-tech. Located on the speaker’s back panel, you see various controls and functions that allow you to customize your music and audio fully. There is a USB port on the back where you can insert a USB drive and play your music without needing to connect to your speaker through Bluetooth.

This is incredibly convenient as it allows you to listen to music without draining your phone or computer’s battery. Also, the streaming connection isn’t as strong as a direct connection, such as a USB. . You can even use a microphone on these speakers and adjust the sound from the back of the device. The remote control provides an easy option to change speaker settings without physically altering them. You can connect just about any device to these speakers, making them an excellent choice for any DJ, regardless of the instruments they use to access their music. 

PRORECK 2-Way PA Speaker Combo

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Which Speaker Is For You?

As a DJ, a quality speaker that delivers superb sound is one of the essential components of your DJ setup. With the right speaker, your audience will get lost in the sound as you conduct the night through your music and mixes. If you’re looking for a high-quality DJ speaker, consider one of the speakers on this list. There’s the best speaker on this list for just about any DJ, it all depends on your needs. 

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