The Essential Guitar Wall Mounts and Hanger Review 2022

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A guitarist and their favorite ax are as inseparable as the love of music. Taking great care of an instrument prolongs its life and value over time. A guitar could last for a lifetime with reasonable care, especially one that mounts from the wall as a collector's piece. Hanging a prized guitar is a time-honored tradition made famous by guitarists and admirers in many bedrooms, basements, man caves, studios, nightclubs, and music halls. From hobbyist to pro, any level of musician takes pride in showcasing their instrument for all to see. If your biggest fear is seeing your irreplaceable string instrument collection fall from the wall, you are likely in great company. The diligent effort to display a guitar on a wall mount properly keeps it off the floor and away from potential accidents that easily scratch, bend, or dent surfaces. Choosing the best guitar wall mount hanger is the best way to display your guitar collection elegantly and safely. With so many choices of guitar wall mount hangers online and on the market, it is imperative to buy the most highly rated wall mount products for your precious guitar. We have selected a few of the best guitar mount offerings to make it easier to shop for a guitar accessory worthy of your long-term guitar purchase investment.

String Swing Home and Studio Guitar Keeper Wall Hanger

The String Swing guitar hanger is an ideal choice for an attractive wall hanger made for the cost-conscious guitar player. Thankfully, there is no need to sweat hanging your guitar in suspension with this hanger. It isn't an elaborate product, but simple is good in this case. This guitar hook comes in at a moderately inexpensive price point. Suitable for acoustic and electric guitars, it features a deep yoke known as the "Guitar Keeper" and generous padding for a scratch-resistant(and stress-free) experience. Classic and rustic in appearance, this wall hanger will please the eyes and keep your guitar safely displayed on the wall. Choose from four tones of hardwood fashioned by Amish craftsmen: black walnut, cherry, ash, and oak. This guitar accessory will cradle your instrument if you own different shaped guitars with asymmetrical headstocks.

Please note that it is of utmost importance to use the appropriate tools to install your guitar wall hanger to the wall. If you aren't familiar with this process, here is a short how-to for hanging your guitar wall hanger on drywall with or without a stud. The recommended weight for any guitar is fifteen pounds maximum for the String Swing hanger. A heavier guitar would not be recommended for this product. Also, a classical guitar would not suit the CC01K guitar wall hanger. Try the CC01 original version for an optimal and secure fit.

Musician's Gear Metal Guitar Wall Hanger Black

When budget is of concern, Musician's Gear's reliable guitar wall hanger is a perfect choice. Don't let this guitar mount's simple and plain look fool you. There is a lot more to appreciate with this guitar holder, as the excellent price point for starters. In addition, the reinforced steel construction should offer a sense of security. Guitar players will find the rotating yoke most helpful for the best fit for most guitars. If you have a wall stud, the weight capacity should be okay for most guitars. A cushioned yoke provides a soft spot to show off your stringed instrument. And at this value price, any avid guitar collector may wish to buy several.

Another plus for the Musician's Gear wall hanger is the longer screw that will act as a stabilizing factor on your drywall or with anchors like a wall stud. A black matte finish works with most decor and types of interiors. Function need not be costly. Musician's Gear offers the same performance as many other guitar wall mounts for a fraction of the expense.

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Right Hand Gold Finished Guitar Wall Hanger

For the person that enjoys making an artistic statement in decor and design, consider the Right Hand guitar wall mount by Guitar Grip. The company has been crafting these unique guitar wall mounts since 2007 and has found legions of fans. And this hand looks as incredible and stately as it works. Antiqued metal finishes go through a multi-step process to achieve the guitar holder you receive. Done in small batches, expect a wait of 7-10 business days to hold this hand in yours. According to the brand's website, Right-Hand Guitar Grip mimics a natural grip, and this product can hold string instruments other than an acoustic guitar and more.

This whimsical and literal hand casting would make the perfect gift for a guitarist who loves an obscure or random piece. It would delight guests and draw them to the guitar wall. Isn't a Les Paul (or any guitar brand) calling for attention? Choose from several finishes if the gilded look is not your aesthetic.

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MuzicLight Light Up Guitar Wall Mount

For the guitar player who is searching for a new gadget with tech elements or may be looking for something new and exciting, the MuzicLight guitar wall mount is probably a showstopper of a product. This company is the brainchild of a father-son team who saw a traditional guitar hanger industry gap. A beautiful guitar deserves to be seen under the best possible lighting conditions, regardless of the room selected for display. This backlit design highlights your favorite guitar like no other guitar wall mount in its class. This product is different from the traditional models of guitar stands and brackets. The guitar mount serves multiple purposes, making it a unique product in the guitar accessory market.

If the lit from within glow that illuminates your string instrument doesn't wow you, MuzicLight has another surprise: color selections of the LED backlight. Their best seller white shines in ethereal fashion onto that prize electric guitar, whether Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, or any instrument that sits between its padded yoke. Red, green, and blue lighting are also options on the company's page. Even if you aren't as fabulous as Prince, your ax will bring down the house every time anyone walks past your wall display.

A few pluses for the MuzicLight wall mount include heavier guitar-friendly up to thirty pounds, an on/off switch, over 100 hours of life before dimming, and mounting hardware. A 90-day guarantee on the MuzicLight mount is a win/win.

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Hercules Stands GSP38WBWP Plus Short Arm

When you just need a wall mount to fit, one of the best guitar hangers is the Hercules Stands Plus Short Arm model. Entrust your studio guitars to a locking mechanism and a yoke that won't fail to protect and hold those collectible strings from soprano ukelele to bluegrass banjos and mandolins. AGS (Auto Grip System) technology cradles widths to 2.01 inches wide. Stylish wood mounting complements various guitar finishes. It comes with a N.I.N.A too. What's a NINA is a legitimate question. It stands for Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment, which will accommodate necks of smaller string instruments narrow as 1.1 inches.

This wall hanger is moderately priced for a guitar wall mount and should provide years of use. It features a deep, rich brown wood that will work with most decor and add a classic touch. Since the Short Arm model has a locking mechanism, it is one of the top-rated products in its class. You need to adhere it with a screw, and you're done. Enjoy admiring your instrument while safely hanging on a feature wall for everyone to admire.

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Fender 351 Guitar Wall Hanger/Tortoiseshell

There is no name in guitars quite like the Fender brand. Imagine your electric or acoustic being cradled in the air like a baby with the Fender 351 Guitar Wall Hanger. For those who recognize and respect the venerable guitar manufacturer for excellence in musical instruments, buying an accessory like this 351 Pick replica for wall home or studio use is a no-brainer. This item features a rotating padded yoke for proper hanging mounting hardware is also included. There is no need to go out to the home improvement store after receiving the product in the mail. Rest easy that Fender thought of just about everything with this mid-range priced product. If you are someone who has a love for classic, American-owned companies and desires an aesthetic that proves that fact, Fender 351 offers that and then some.

Fender guitar wall mounts come in three colors: black, maple, and tortoiseshell. The woodgrain has a marled, distressed appearance that is modern yet thoroughly rock and roll. Rock on with complete satisfaction that your ax is safe and sound, as this pick will securely hold various shapes and widths of headstocks. As long as there is a wall stud or drywall anchor, expect an easy and successful display experience with Fender's cool version of a guitar hanger. Any die-hard Fender fanatic should buy every color just for the collectible nature of this legendary brand. A pick is not just a pick when Fender designs it.

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Whiskey Barrel Stave Guitar Holder Wall Mount 3 Guitar Holder

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If eclectic and unusual is what you're after in a guitar wall mount, the whiskey barrel stave wall hanger by Coyle Woodworks ( is certainly one to add to any collection. Since I have not mentioned products that hold multiple guitars, I would be remiss not to mention this beautifully done work of art. It is a tastemaker's dream for guitar display in a rustic, intentionally chic fashion. With a story to tell your friends and visitors alike, whiskey barrel staves from distillery locales in Kentucky and Tennessee add a je ne sais quoi and intrigue to any decor. Don't be surprised if your friends ask where you bought it. This piece is just that eye-catching and remarkable and will add even more beauty to your instrument.

For a guitar hanging experience "as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey" (pun intended), mounting holes are spread 32" apart to hit each wall stud. Whether your lighting is dim or bright, choosing between two finishes will enhance the space—select glossy for a high-shine finish and matte for a natural, unaffected effect.

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Bikoney Guitar Wall Mount Guitar Holder

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Are you an organizational person whose goal is to keep it all together, musically and personally? Have you wished there was a way to keep all your guitar accessories in one dedicated place? If this describes you, Bikoney all-in-one guitar wall mount/keeper/storage unit will hold everything near and dear to you in one spot. This U.S. Patent product is one of a kind from Bikoney, and a brand focused on household storage goods. Think of a shelf slash guitar wall hanger with a place to store picks, straps, capos, keys, performance venue credential badges, or even a sweet picture or memento of a performance or loved one. This item is a proper organizational solution for any guitar enthusiast (or someone who loves them). Made of stylish wood processed with a torch for that time-weathered finish, expect a very appealing aesthetic to add a touch of elegance to any home or studio environment. Classy and rustic elements are on-trend, a nice touch to upgrade any plain jane product you may currently own.

Bikoney comes with several pieces that will create your new wall unit. Expect these items to come inside your shipment: one backboard, two hook boards, one wood shelf, two plugs, and eight screws. There is enough space with three hooks to hang up loose electric aux cords to keep them off the floor or a unique guitar strap that deserves to be displayed. This piece would make a wonderful gift to any guitar player in your life, something they need but would never really expect to find in the market. And for any decor needs that may have a particular color scheme, Bikoney guitar stand comes in five shades: vintage white, carbonized black, vintage black, weathered gray, and weathered walnut. There isn't a wrong selection with this tastefully done guitar wall mount. There is even a satisfaction guarantee if it doesn't fit the bill.

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String Swing 5 Guitar Wall Rack

String Swing makes another appearance on the list for a multiple guitar display wall rack. If you are the quintessential guitarist whose collection simply can't fit into a tiny wall holder, try the String Swing 5 Guitar Wall Rack. This aluminum slatwall rail holds up to 5 string instruments at a time. Here expect a strong and dependable hold to keep every ax supported by a specially designed to connect from rail to studs in several points that run the expanse of the product. A lifetime warranty for structural performance is a massive perk of buying a String Swing manufactured product. All String Swing merchandise offers a generous guarantee as a show of confidence in construction and durability.

String Swing five guitar wall rack is available in multiple easy-to-coordinate color schemes: black, silver, copper, white, and walnut print. Each shade is suitable depending upon taste, preference, and decor aesthetics. This heavy-duty rack can hold up to 50 pounds per mounting stud or 15 pounds for each hanger. With this product, you can feel confident in placing your heavier guitar on display. Every guitar hanger is space adjustable and can pivot 180 degrees for maximum display possibilities without crowding the axes.

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Martin Guitar Wall Hanger

When the perfect pairing of elegant aesthetic and durability meets, you have a beautiful guitar wall mount by Martin. The Martin18AMHWO guitar wall hanger is simple yet rustic, ideal for any sitting room area or studio where eyecatching reactions to your favorite guitar are desired. This design lets the guitar be the star of the room while a genuine solid oak plays to the room in understated elegance. Martin prides itself on the mission of sustainability. Doing its part to keep true to a goal of love of the planet, this wall hanger and other string instrument products speak volumes for the creative and beautiful use of environmental elements. This hanger is s small piece of the beauty of protecting the art of woodworking while using responsible manufacturing and sourcing of materials. A distinctive, small engraved "Martin and Co" logo reminds us of the quality and attention to detail that goes into these small yet sturdy products that are a must for any musician's home or studio.

There's nothing fancy or trendy about this fine-quality hardwood item. It represents a minimalist take on function over trends and fads. Martin is upfront about how it manufactures each guitar wall mount. How it honors the meaning behind the customer's chosen instrument by making the best products and accessories to enhance that experience.

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Neboic Guitar Wall Mount Auto Lock

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If you want a cool vibe for your guitar mount, the Neboic guitar wall mount is a great choice. One exciting aspect of this product is incorporating a guitar shape into the wood itself. It is a way to add a nostalgic touch while paying homage to the amazing instrument. A Neboic mount would make the perfect gift idea for any guitar or string instrument player. Worry-free use is another plus with an auto-locking mechanism. When the guitar goes on the yoke, it locks into place with spring action. It also features stylish mid-toned brown woodgrain with black accents, which would work for most decor. The Neboic guitar wall mount auto-lock is a sturdy item accommodating most guitars. Remember to check for studs and attach the mount accordingly if affixing your ax to drywall. This action should guarantee that any guitar wall mount product will work as directed without unwanted surprises.

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