The Top 12 String Guitars You Should Consider Buying

Buying the appropriate string guitar is the quickest and most cost-effective approach to improving your music setup. A good string guitar provides an excellent tone, pleasant feel, and consistency from performance to gig. When the 'E' string pings off, tunes plod, your fingers ache, and your pocketbook becomes a bit emptier.

String guitars may seem a no-brainer buy, but they are not all made equal. So, if you are about to purchase your first instrument or are unhappy with your existing one, this guide will provide you with the key factors to consider to choose the best 12-string acoustic guitar for you

String Material

The metal alloy used for a guitar string's wrap wire significantly influences tone and feel, so choose a material that complements your songs and playing style. Some alloys have a naturally brilliant appearance, while others are dark and warm. Stainless steel guitar strings feel considerably different under the fingertips than nickel-plated ones. Elixir Strings, for example, offers coated guitar strings in various alloys for you to try.

Steel and nickel are often utilized to produce electric guitar strings. Typically, an electric guitar string is comprised of nickel-plated steel wire. Still, you may also get strings made of pure steel or nickel, which have both been popular in recent years.

Steel and nickel have distinct tones, with steel frequently sounding crisp and vibrant, whereas nickel sounds richer, full-bodied, and warm. As a result, folks who appreciate performing music genres such as blues will benefit from nickel strings. Steel strings have long been prominent in rock, metal, and country music. Using nickel-plated steel strings, you may achieve a middle ground between these two tones.

Brass and bronze strings are variations of steel strings since acoustic guitar strings are often available with plating of these variations. Brass plated strings may frequently give a cutting sound. Therefore, they're best suited to guitars bigger than an OM size. Otherwise, your sound quality may come out as overly brittle. Bronze plated strings provide a smoother and warmer tone than brass plated strings. They are often employed for softer tunes or combined with small-bodied guitars.guitar

Winding Type

Round-wound, flat-wound, and half-round are the three basic winding forms used in modern guitar strings. Round-wounds are the most common winding type, producing a bright sound and tone. Flat-wound strings are distinguished by their flat surface and are more popular in jazz due to their deeper tone. Half-round strings are popular in more current genres because they are midway between round and flat.


A gauge is the wideness of the string, and the string's width usually determines how rich and full sound it produces. Thicker strings provide heavier, fuller-bodied notes, while thinner strings give a brighter, tinnier sound. The thicker a string becomes, the stiffer and more difficult it is to play, while thinner strings are relatively simple. Thin gauges are typically .09 and below, and thick gauges are more than 012.

String Coating

A typical guitar string is covered with a plastic polymer since coated guitars last longer than uncoated ones However, on the other hand, a coating on your strings may produce a better response. Coated strings are also often expensive since their quality is better.

Guitar strings are a very personal decision that may make or break your music. The easiest method to identify the correct strings for the music you play is to experiment with as many strings as possible over time, such as guitar strings, electric guitars, and acoustic guitar strings.

Here are the top-rated 12-string guitars you should consider buying:

1. Takamine GD-30CE 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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There are many expensive and high-quality 12-string acoustic guitars in the market. As a result, some individuals are unaware of, and hence lose out on, a market segment brimming with fantastic 12-string guitars that are far less expensive while producing excellent sound. This category includes the Takamine GD30CE-12NAT. Let's have a look and figure out what makes it so fantastic.

The guitar's bridge is constructed of rosewood, which adds warmth and heaviness to the instrument's tones and the front side. In addition, the bridge adds a little more shadow to the guitar, making it appear more appealing. The guitar's nut and saddle are made of synthetic bones. The material is one of the customers' favorites, with a little tonal tilt toward the upper notes, a nice harmony, and a decent degree of string buzz reduction.

The electronics on the guitar are relatively simple. The manufacturer provides Takamine TP-4TD Preamp with Built-In Tuner. This allows the guitar to project at a considerably higher volume when connected to an amp. Additionally, you can customize the guitar's sound with the help of control knobs.

The evaluation of the sound is difficult to access. While the guitar is quite inexpensive, it produces an amazing tone. While the electronics aren't the best, they maintain the sound well. When played acoustically, the guitar shines, delivering a remarkable tone range with warmth and vibrancy.

Takamine GD-30CE 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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2. Guild F-2512CE Deluxe 12-String Cutaway Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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This jumbo guitar is a 12-string powerhouse with a solid spruce top, arched flamed maple back, and flamed maple sides. This tone-wood provides the F-2512CE Deluxe with a powerful, sharp voice with a robust tone, while an antique burst gloss finish highlights the attractive, patterned back.

The twelve strings and jumbo body of the F-2512CE Deluxe, together with its arched back, provide this guitar with outstanding projection and sustain-a welcome addition to Guild's history of superb 12-string instruments. 

Guild F-2512CE Deluxe 12-String Cutaway Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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3. Taylor Academy 12e Grand Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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Taylor's solid spruce top trademarks, including bright and resonant trebles with firm projection, exist in this instrument. The modest action is also quite welcoming throughout the ebony board and will assist young players in breaking through. Combined with the instrument's responsiveness, this 12 string acoustic guitar creates an instantly engaging playing experience.

The 12e sounds incredibly detailed and nuanced at low levels for gentler musicians. When playing rhythmic Celtic melodies in DADGAD and E modal, the grand concert's pronounced high-mid have a wonderfully choral quality in chord work in conjunction with the treble resonance.

This is one of the most comfortable guitars you can buy that will provide fretboard, action, and elbow comfort. 

Taylor Academy 12e Grand Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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4. Cordoba C12 CD Classical Guitar

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The C12 has a typical classical guitar body form, akin to a concert-style steel-string guitar. The main difference between the C12 cedar and spruce is the solid wood utilized for the soundboard. The top of the cedar variant is made of genuine Canadian cedar. Cedar has a warm, rich sound with a lot of overtones. If you like a less brilliant sound than spruce, the C12 cedar top is for you. The top of the C12 spruce is made of European spruce. This wood has a somewhat brighter tone than cedar, although it is still quite sensitive.

The bracing on these guitars is also remarkable. The Cordoba C12 is constructed with lattice bracing, a novel breakthrough in classical guitar construction. While this bracing uses solid wood struts, most of its design is based on a latticed structure of balsa wood and carbon fiber. As a consequence, the top is very free to vibrate. This results in both richness and remarkable clarity. Of course, the bracing you prefer will be determined by your tastes. However, if you want something different from standard fan bracing, this is worth a look.

The tone of the Cordoba is superior to that of many more expensive instruments. The back and sides are made of real Indian rosewood, adding depth and complexity. The Canadian cedar top model has a deeper overtone-rich sound, while the spruce top model has a crisper, more concentrated sound. 

Cordoba C12 CD Classical Guitar

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5. Taylor 250ce-BLK DLX 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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The 250ce-BLK DLX is one of Taylor's "Deluxe" models, which are more dressed-up versions of the 200 series of string acoustic-electric guitars. The guitar has a conventional warm body with a cutaway, stacked maple back and sides, and a solid Lutz spruce top. It features an arched back with no bracing and a typical, forward-shifted X-bracing design on the top. Besides the nut, saddle, and Taylor guitar logo, the only non-black components are the white binding on the body, a pearloid rosette, and small-diamond position marks.

Overall, the instrument has a basic but refined aesthetic that looks fantastic on stage. The 250ce-BLK DLX also contains Taylor's Expression System 2 electronics found on the company's more expensive guitars. As a result, the guitar has a broad and balanced strumming sound, and its tonal balance makes playing up the neck enjoyable. When connected to a Fishman Loud box Mini amp, the instrument sounds amazing. Thus, it offers a natural 12-string jangle with zero string-balance concerns that sometimes occur with amplified 12-strings.

Taylor 250ce-BLK DLX 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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6. Guild F-2512E Deluxe Westerly Collection 12-String

The F-2512E Deluxe adds a little bit more to your 12-string! This gigantic guitar is a 12-string acoustic powerhouse with a solid spruce top, arched flamed maple back, and flamed maple sides. The F-2512E Deluxe has a powerful, sharp voice with a robust tone thanks to its tone wood, and its beautifully patterned back is highlighted with a gloss finish. The twelve strings and jumbo body of the F-2512E Deluxe, together with its arched back, provide this guitar with outstanding projection and sustain. This is a welcome addition to Guild's history of superb 12-string instruments. 

Guild F-2512E Deluxe Westerly Collection 12-String

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7. Mitchell T331TCE-BST Terra 12 String

The Mitchell T331-TCE 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, part of the Terra Series, provides high-quality components and contemporary design for the progressing student or performance artist. It has a beautiful genuine mahogany top, as well as mahogany back and sides for a warm, deep tone. The appealing open pore finish adds to the overall resonance, and the cutaway body shape allows total access to the upper frets.

The sophisticated, forward-shifted scalloped X-bracing improves tone and projection, making the T331 suitable for stage performances. When you need to plug in, a Fishman preamp with 3-band EQ on the board sends all that beautiful tone to an amp or mixing board.

An easy-to-play, thin mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard facilitates learning tricky sections and produces great overall playability. High-ratio sealed-gear tuners enable rapid and precise tuning of this eye-catching instrument, which is unparalleled in its price class. 

Mitchell T331TCE-BST Terra 12 String

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8. Martin 000-12E Road Series Koa Fine Veneer

Looking for a guitar that is visually appealing and has a fantastic tone? The 000-12E is a part of the Martin Road Series and has high-end Martin embellishments in a road-worthy vehicle. Its 000-body form is perfectly balanced and comfy to wear all night on stage. The 000-12E has a solid spruce top, Koa/Mahogany back and sides, and a rich light fingerboard for a distinctive tone. In addition, this guitar has a stunning high-gloss finish that brings out the natural color of the Koa.

Fishman MX-T electronics are standard of the martin 000-12E Koa. When connected, the enhanced Sonicore pickup maintains the true martin guitar tone. Volume and tone controls are provided on the preamp. The preamp is situated at the top of the sound hole, out of sight of the audience, to maintain the traditional, modest Martin design. The auto-muting tuner is located at the bottom of the sound hole, allowing you to tune between songs discreetly.

Martin 000-12E Koa Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural Sitka Spruce

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9. Rogue RA-090 Concert Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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This string acoustic electric guitar is built similarly to the original RA-090, with a concert body form, and a 25.4" scale length. As the name implies, it has a cutaway in the body that allows better access to the top frets. But, of course, the tone woods on sale for approximately a hundred dollars aren't exactly inspirational. The body's top, back, and sides are all built of laminated whitewood, akin to poorer woods like basswood and poplar. But given the price, it's difficult to complain.

In addition to naturally glossy finishing, highlighting the intriguing grain of wood, the Rogue RA-090 Concert Cutaway is available in several extroverted colored versions – Red, Black, Blue Burst, and Green Burst. But the colorful varieties will cost a little extra on various markets. The RA-090 Concert Cutaway has a thin neck with a comfortable C shape and a simulated rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets. This is another cost-cutting move, although it doesn't feel too horrible to play on. 

Rogue RA-090 Concert Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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10. Alvarez ABT610E Baritone Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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The ABT60 has an excellent action for a baritone. If you perform your setup (alter the truss rod to vary action), you may have to choose between fret buzz and quick action. If this is your first baritone, try carefully adjusting the truss rod rather than rushing to get the lowest possible motion. Your fingers will adjust to the piano wire-sized strings. Your ear will never get used to the extra fret buzz.

The ABT60 neck's feel is where this guitar excels in terms of playability. When it comes to electric guitars, you might favor a wide/thin neck design. While Alvarez's neck is larger than others, it has a remarkably pleasant profile. The ABT60 excels in terms of tone. The first chord you play will have an emotional impact on you. The tone is kind and receptive. Both the highs and lows are distinct and articulate. The ABT60 also allows the earthy blend of solid wood and strings to shine through in your performance. When you pick up one of these guitars, you will feel the same way. 

Alvarez ABT610E Baritone Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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11. Rainsong CO-WS1000N2

CO-WS1000N2 is a model from Rainsong's concert series. It comes with Rainsong's thinnest soundboard. Unidirectional carbon is employed in its manufacturing. It resembles the spruce's natural rain, giving it a warm and delicate tone. This full-bodied acoustic-electric guitar has a single-cut carbon fiber body.

The electronics component of the body is outfitted with a Fishman Prefix Plus T system, which includes an under-saddle piezo pickup and a side-mounted preamp. CO-WS1000N2 has a bare top with a glossy finish on the outside. This body type produces a powerful tone with warmth and crispness given by the soundboard. The neck is composed of graphite and has basic characteristics such as a U shape, bolt-on joint, and gloss finish.

Rainsong CO-WS1000N2

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12. Yamaha FG820 Guitar

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The Yamaha fg820 is still relatively new, but other reviewers have already dubbed it one of the finest in the acoustic line. Because it is inexpensive, many novices consider it their first genuine guitar. But, can Yamaha fg820 provide a strong enough sound to entice people to keep playing? Here's a close-up of the guitar.

Overall, the acoustic guitar has a really warm tone and is perhaps best suited to performing country music and blues. Other sorts of music may be played, although the sound is strongest in those genres. The scalloped bracing design perfectly balances tones and provides a realistic sound at all times. 

Because this is a cheap guitar, the sound quality can only be compared to other guitars in the same price range. Acoustic guitars may sometimes be difficult to hear, particularly when they are inexpensive. Overall, the deep tones have a pretty high projection, which is great for someone learning guitar for the first time. They will be able to hear anything they play. 

Yamaha FG820 Guitar amazon

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While the range of strings guitars available can be overwhelming, this guideline should provide you with the technical information needed to assist you in finding and choosing the best string guitar for you in the market. 

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