Top Rated Guitar Cases and Gig Bags Review

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Guitars are like every instrument: they need cases. A guitar case is usually the first purchase because life happens after buying your new guitar. And being on the go necessitates taking acoustic guitars to every corner of the globe, from gig to gig and everywhere. Imagine placing your electric guitar inside a rickety case, then watching the case and your baby tumble to the floor. Strong consideration in making a guitar case or gig bag purchase is essential. Ripped straps and broken handles just won't do when protecting investments like an electric guitar from scratches, bumps, damage, and the effects of rough handling.

This definitive list of the top-rated guitar cases and gig bags reviewed should assist in finding your next gig bag or guitar case. A great guitar case should have certain features that ease portability without sacrificing comfort or safety. A gig bag will score well with thick padding, padded straps, lightweight construction, and protection typically seen in a hard-shell guitar case. A standard hard case should offer a guitar a tough exterior built for occasional wear and tear during transit by car, bus, and flying on airlines. We all have experienced getting our precious cargo back in shambles, despite believing that these products were sufficient. Looks, of course, are deceiving. Don't worry because this list has amazing-looking cases that are as handsome as they are durable. Your instrument deserves the very best gig bag or hard-shell case.

Levy's Leathers Deluxe Gig Bag

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12/06/2023 03:41 am GMT

If you're searching for a soft guitar case with sharp looks and incredible functionality, choose Levy's Leathers deluxe gig bag. The interiors of the guitar case are supple enough to provide your electric guitar with luxurious protection from bumps or jarring movements. An exterior designed for additional coverage is made from polyester, a synthetic material known to withstand various wear and exposure to the elements. From snowfall to a rainy season, none of these could ruin the contents of this guitar gig bag (under reasonable conditions, of course). Padded backpack straps are adjustable to comfortably fit most for a light feel, whether you carry a Les Paul or Seagull.

Levys Leathers Deluxe bags have hybrid features that stand out from the pack of choices on the market. A hybrid case is more like a hard-shell case than most gig bags. It doesn't skimp on protection or padding. This model features a 25 mm thick padding in foam. There is neck support to keep the guitar restrained and in one position, lessening the possibility of bumping the sides of its case. A large external zippered storage compartment keeps all your electric guitar accessories nearby and within reach.

The specifications for the Levy Leathers Deluxe guitar gig bag are as follows.

  • Body length:19"

  • Body height: 2.25"

  • Lower bout width: 14"

  • Middle bout width: 12.5"

  • Upper bout width: 11.25"

  • Overall length: 42"

  • Fits most electric guitars

  • Color: tan

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Ibanez Powerpad 541 Series Acoustic Gig Bag

If a rugged outer shell with a great aesthetic is what you're in the market for, be sure to buy the Ibanez Powerpad 541 Series Acoustic Gig Bag. The dual-toned canvas has a stylish quality with a suede-like brown reinforced guitar case bottom. A well-made design makes the perfect acoustic guitar case for all-weather events and any occasion. Ibanez Powerpad Gig Bag has an appealing high-fashion look, making it an easy choice for someone who desires style and function. Design is only one plus. High ratings from many guitar owners tout the Ibanez soft case for ease of use and reliable protection from dings and scratches. The guitar case receives very high ranks for excellent padding and multiple ways to carry it, from a backpack-type construction to a side handle. Plus, tuck away your picks, capos, and lead sheets into one of the four exterior pockets. Come to your next gig with this case and get noticed for more than your fantastic guitar playing. Everyone will wonder where you purchased this beautiful affordable guitar case.

Specifications for the Ibanez Powerpad Acoustic Gig Bag are as follows:

  • Exterior length: 44.1"

  • Exterior width: 17.5"

  • Interior Length: 43.1"

  • Interior depth: 5.1"

  • Interior neck width: 5.5"

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Reunion Blues RBX335 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Bag

When having the best of both words is a must, get this professional industry standard in electric guitar gig bags, the Reunion Blues RBX335 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Bag. Sleek and water-resistant, this bag goes from nightclub appearance back to the subway station without missing a beat. Reunion Blues has manufactured quality guitar cases for 40 years and is not slowing down. Expect the signature Quilted Chevron and eye-catching aesthetics that support the shape of a semi-hollow body electric guitar. There is a guitar neck support and several strategically placed impact panels to reduce damage from falls or accidents. Padded backpack straps and a subway grip on the bag ensure you're in control over your instrument, with security that any guitar player will appreciate. Reunion Blues also has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Now that is a reason to smile about this top-tier, higher price point guitar case. 

Specifications for the Reunion Blues RBX335 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Bag are as follows: 

  • Internal length: 42.5"

  • Internal upper bout width: 15"

  • Internal bout width: 17"

  • Internal Width: 3"

  • Weight: 4.6 lbs

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Gator GC-335 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Bag

If you have thought about buying a gator case for your Gibson semi-hollow guitar, don't hesitate to purchase the Gator GC-335 model. This company is the industry standard for hard-shell guitar cases and makes professional-quality cases better than most currently on the market. Electric guitars deserve a case that protects and withstands any of the frequent tossing of luggage that happen while on the road. This case is like the one you might see at impromptu street performances. But make it much more fantastic, sleeker, and ready for big-time arenas and stadium crowds. The exterior is made of ABS deluxe material, making the surface difficult to dent or ding. EPS plush foam interior provides a snug fit around most guitars. A heavy aluminum valance provides extra protection and guarantees that any hard falls, rolls, bumps, or jarring movements will likely not put a dent in your guitar. There are many raving reviews of the Gator case. Many owners show delight over how this guitar case performs over time and that it is much better than anticipated. Chrome-plated latches are lockable, ensuring added safety for your costly investment piece. Gator is the ideal hard-shell for transporting guitars and a roadie's dream for fewer mistakes or loss of precious equipment. 

Specifications for the Gator GC-335 Semi-Hollow Style Guitar Case are as follows:

  • Body length: 22.50"

  • Body height: 4.50"

  • Lower bout width: 16.50"

  • Middle bout width: 11.00"

  • Upper bout width: 13.00"

  • Overall length: 42.50"

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Crossrock Deluxe Wood Hard Case for Acoustic Super Jumbo Guitar

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12/06/2023 03:50 am GMT

Crossrock offers many guitar case styles for the discerning guitarist who wants the best in performance and protection for their acoustic guitar. Who wants to pay as much for the case as the instrument? This is a rhetorical question for budget-conscious customers. Crossrock Deluxe wood hard case is an example of a mid-priced guitar accessory that has a variety of finishes in a hard case with outstanding features that make it one of the top choices for guitar cases in electrics and acoustic guitars. The leatherette brown finish on the hard-shell case is a classic and vintage touch. A plush crushed velvet interior surface covers a sturdy foam case in an eye-catching berry red tone. It looks attractive and supports the guitar, providing stability while tucked away. For a case at the lower price point, the Crossrock brand will offer just as much protection as most similar models on the market.

Specifications for the Crossrock Deluxe Wood Hard Case are as follows:

  • Overall length: 42.9"

  • Body length: 22.8"

  • Upper bout length: 12.6"

  • Lower bout length: 16.9"

  • Depth: 5.1"

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Seagull Guitars TRIC Concert Hall Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

What is there not to like about a sleek guitar gig bag with a deeply recessed compartment that hugs your guitar tightly? Seagull Guitars TRIC Concert Hall Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag is the right fit for most acoustic guitars. Seagull Guitars is a Canadian guitar manufacturer that knows a great deal about designing beautiful and sustainable instruments. With this company's incredible attention to aesthetics, expect nothing short of excellence when ordering their professional-looking gig bag. The additional TRIC, or Thermally regulated instrument case technology, means that the elements will not wreak havoc on your instrument during periods of storage. It will also stabilize the temperature inside the bag should the environment change.  Acoustics especially are susceptible to extreme temperature shifts. Exposing wood to excessive moisture or extreme dryness over time could cause warping, cracking, and loosening, affecting its play and performance. The ideal humidity level for a guitar is 45 to 55 percent.  The polyester material is rugged and should take well to normal wear and tear. Carry your folk-style guitar from fireside get-togethers or coffee house festivities with a padded backpack and strap for comfy transit. It would also make a great flight case. With a generous outside pocket, having room for extra picks, strings, tuner, or metronome is a bonus. A side handle is an optional way to tote your gig bag.  

Temperature extremes that TRIC bags can withstand measure from -31 F to +150 F. This is truly an impressive statistic. Anyone with an acoustic may want to purchase one of these Seagull Guitars cases for lightweight durability and breathable protection in blizzards to heatwaves. The gig bag keeps your acoustic guitar in a controlled environment even if you can't control the climate or extremes in temperature.

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Gruv Gear Kapsule for Electric Guitar (Black)

Gruv Gear Kapsule is a "piece de resistance" for the road-weary guitarist who often finds themselves on a flight to the next city on the tour schedule. This heavy-duty gig bag is far from the average guitar travel bag. It is the traveler's dream guitar case. It substitutes for an essentials bag and almost guarantees you and your guitar will never part ways when flying. The tech features will delight you with luxury-level convenience. This guitar case/luggage is far too cool to pass up if you are tired of the hassle of making sure you know exactly where your guitar is after a flight. Gruv Gear designed a gig bag that is the all-in-one solution, a go-to for short round trips and mini-vacays after tour performances.

Several notable features separate this case from the numerous options on the market. Imagine a TSA industry-standard lock with a three-digit pin that only an airline TSA security representative can open. This is your private security measure to ensure your strings make it back to you and withstand prying eyes. Pack up to 17 liters of clothing or supplies in your Gruv Gear bag and leave behind the additional roller or carry-on. You're set with this "musician's friend" for a guitar bag.

Interior and exterior technology provide a soft and secure transit for any guitar style. Just choose from the options on the company's website. Multi-layers of padding from hard-shell to interior panels insulate the instrument from shock and serious bumps. EPS shock-absorbing material incorporates a 98% air composition to cushion your guitar in any situation. Think light as air springy support adhering to the shape of your particular strings. This is luxury.

Another security measure built into the Gruv Gear Kapsule is a laser-engraved Global Recovery Tag with HomingPIN technology that is detectable in over 2,800 global airports. The first year of service for your tag is on Gruv Gear. This provides true peace of mind that you'll have your instrument back in one piece if it is accidentally lost during transit or in the baggage claim process. 

Don't forget the snap-on wheels included to make it much lighter on your back when loading luggage into the airport. Roll the guitar down to your gate in style and make check-in a snap by simply removing them. You're off to jet-set in true rocker style with a guitar case that fits your needs as a busy musician. Using a Gruv Gear case is an excellent way to reduce the stress of flying with a guitar.

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Crossrock CRF2020 Fiberglass Acoustic Guitar Case-Dreadnought Fit Martin D-28

If a virtually indestructible case is what you've needed in your life, Crossrock CRF2020 Fiberglass Acoustic Guitar Case is a good solution. A pure fiberglass exterior shields impact with excellent shock absorption. Suppose you get caught in a rainstorm; there is no need to run if your instrument is in a Crossrock Fiberglass hard-shell. Even slip a few pieces of sheet music inside for your practice session. A suspension design supports your dreadnought acoustic guitar in style.

When it comes to style, the Crossrock CRF2020 doesn't disappoint. With eight colors to select from, let your imagination and fashion sense take flight and express yourself. Creativity is part of the musical experience, after all. A touch of whimsy and a lighthearted approach to protecting instruments sets Crossrock apart in the market. Crossrock reminds consumers that guitar cases can be fun as well as practical.

Thermal insulation and high protection padding are outstanding features for a guitar case. Customize the fit of your guitar by detaching removable padding strips. Make it tighter and snug, or loosen the grip. It's your choice. Keeping an instrument of wood safe and relatively dry is vital for longevity and performance. If your case also functions as a storage case for long periods, having the right balance of temperature and humidity is critical. A cushiony lining glides like silk against the guitar, reducing the likelihood of friction or scratches.

Protection is a priority with the Crossrock CRF2020 fiberglass acoustic guitar. Specially designed latches keep your guitar safely locked away from would-be thieves. One latch has a functioning lock and key to deter tampering with your valuable instrument. One latch has a functioning lock and key. Beautiful and smart protection for your guitar is what on of these vibrantly hued cases offers. 

This Crossrock is the second fiberglass case model and an improved series from Crossrock. Their original line, CRF1000, has been on the market for seven years. The popularity has not waned since its release. Adding thicker padding and a more stable version of the outer shell makes this hard shell case one of the top performers in its class. This case is not cheap, at the top of the price range. With many upgraded premium features and unique high-fashion shades, the Crossrock fiberglass case is a top pick in the guitar case category.

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Everyone who owns a guitar needs a case of some type to protect them from dust, weather, moisture, and accidental damage. Which case you purchase is a decision that could add many more years of enjoyment to your guitar-playing career.

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