The Top Rated Loop Pedals for Guitars

Are you wondering if loop –or looper– pedals will be helpful if you play the guitar? Spanish composer Manuel de Falla believes that, “The guitar is the instrument most complete and richest in its harmonic and polyphonic possibilities.” Tools like loop pedals are important to enhance your sound experience. This article will discuss what looper pedals are and review the top-rated loop pedals.

Loop pedals are a vital instrument for musicians of all skill levels. They may be used to create one-person bands called “guitarchestras,” or for specific practice drills. A looper pedal allows you to record your performance by pressing a footswitch. You may start and stop the recording at any time and then add more guitar parts. It’s similar to recording numerous factors on a computer, only you can do it with a primary loop pedal. Of course, some are more difficult than others, and various features are available, such as the ability to transfer external sounds and samples into the pedal. Still, the finest looper pedals are all built on the same premise and enable you to enjoy generating many levels.

Ed Sheeran — a megastar who plays an acoustic guitar — is a great example. With only a Little Martin and a loop station at his disposal, Sheeran headlined Glastonbury in 2017.

If you record one guitar part, the following acoustic guitar part must be in perfect time for it to function. Nevertheless, some pedals allow approximation to correct timing issues. For example, looper pedals are an excellent instrument for practice since they teach the significance of time and rhythm.

The most excellent guitar loop pedals definitely encourage creativity. Repeat a chord sequence — it can be as straightforward or as complex as you want. Overdub it with some lower octaves to function as a bassline, add some good chord inversions, and you’ve got a great, thick backdrop over which you can perform as much as you like. In addition, having the ability to play over loops you’ve spontaneously created can improve your experience in unexpected ways. Below is a list of the top-rated loop pedals for guitars, starting from the most popular ones.

Donner Triple Looper Guitar Pedal, Loop Pedal with Screen, 3 Loops 30 mins Looping Time, Looper Pedal Unlimited Overdub Undo/Redo True Bypass.

The Donner Triple Looper packs a lot of functionality into a tiny package; the three save slots are the most glaring evidence of this design choice. Considering how compact the guitar loop pedal is, it’s astonishing how effectively this function works.

The maximum recording time for each saves slot is 30 minutes — enough time to store whole song arrangements or even an entire album all at once.

The primary footswitch may trigger several operations, such as record, play, overdub, redo, and transparent. As opposed to multi-switch pedals, which contain separate footswitches for each unique function, this looping pedal needs a certain degree of experience to be effectively used.

You also have the option of adjusting the volume of the looper, as well as the ability to choose between many available songs. Because of this, using batteries is not an option; instead, you will need to find another power source to use this feature.

The Donner Triple Looper might be a good choice for those working with a restricted budget and seeking a looper with a significant amount of recording time and many save slots.

Donner Triple Looper Guitar Pedal

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Rowin Tiny Looper Electric Guitar Effect Pedal, 10 Minutes of Looping, Unlimited Overdubs

The Rowin Looper pedal improves the performance of any guitarist with the ability to record, playback, overdub, save, and publish previously recorded sounds and tunes from a Windows computer. The guitar player can switch between modes by pressing a footswitch and using the 10 minutes recording loop time. In addition, this loop pedal is a deal at a lower price than other loop pedals currently available on the market.

When it comes to recording and overdubbing, the Rowin Looper’s ease of use is undoubtedly its most impressive quality. You may turn on and off the infinity looper by pushing the footswitch, as the glowing red indicator light will show you. Playback mode is engaged when the light changes color from red to green. You may activate the delete mode by repeating the same procedures while simultaneously holding down the footswitch. Delete mode allows you to remove any unwanted audio or video content.

Because it is compatible with Windows 10, the Rowin looper has the capability of storing previously recorded material on its internal memory. Additionally, since the Pigtronix Infinity Looper has a USB port, you may connect it to a computer and transfer WAV files between the two devices. Finally, the connection makes it possible to create and use more intricate, layered, and expertly made loops. Put the Rowin Looper application onto your device from the Rowin website for the best possible outcome.

As a result of developments in the architecture of electronic circuitry, guitar effect pedals may now be placed in casings that are hardly larger than a hand. Small pedals are an excellent solution for the musician who is always on the go since they take up less room on the pedalboard and are lighter. 

The tone of the looping pedal remains unchanged while it is not being used, thanks to an inbuilt 3PDT bypass switch inside the best loop pedal. The signal is sent without going through the effects pedal’s internal hardware circuit when using an actual bypass switch since it goes straight from the IN to the OUT.

Rowin Tiny Looper

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Donner Looper Guitar Pedal, ONE Looper, Loop Pedal 30 minutes, Loop Unlimited Overdubs with Undo/Redo True Bypass

The design of the Donner Looper Guitar Pedal fills a lot of functionality into a compact area. It is most visibly displayed by the three save spaces in the lowest right-hand corner of the Donner Triple Looper. If you wish to store a complete album or even an entire song arrangement, there is enough space available in each save location for you to do so. 

The main footswitch on the looper can perform a wide range of operations. These capabilities include record, play, overdub, redo, and transparent. Before you can become proficient with the use of these pedals, you will need to put in a certain amount of practice with multi-switch versions that include individual switches devoted to each function. Practice will be necessary before you can become adept at using these pedals.

You can alter the loudness of the loop station pedal to suit your preferences and choose various musical alternatives from inside the context of the loop core. You are going to have to look into other options for a source of power since it is not possible to operate this equipment with batteries alone.

If you are working with a tight budget but still want a looper having a considerable length of recording time and a large number of save slots, the Donner Looper is an excellent choice for you to consider. The MXR clone looper from Donner offers three times the recording duration of a standard clone looper.

Donner Looper Guitar Pedal

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BOSS RC-1 Loop Station

The BOSS RC-1 Loop Station is the most basic and user-friendly Loop Station to date, and using it is absolute fun! The RC-1 is a simple looper that is very easy to operate. You may feel the excitement of looping by recording, replaying, overdubbing, undoing, and redoing loops with the help of this compact BOSS pedal. In addition, the RC-1 maintains the same high quality and performance that musicians have come to expect from BOSS products.

The top panel has a brand-new, ground-breaking recorded loop indicator of 24 LED segments in a circular pattern. You can easily, swiftly, and efficiently determine the current condition of the Record, Overdub, and Play modes. The RC-1 can record any lengthy performance you may imagine or produce since it has a maximum stereo recording time of 12 minutes. When learning how to loop, the RC-1 is a great tool to have on your side! You may use these jacks with stereo effects and amplifiers without any problems. In addition to this, they make it possible to attach stereo instruments, like synthesizers, to the system. Many power sources are available, including AC power, batteries, and an external footswitch.

Quickly and efficiently producing your jam track is an enjoyable way to learn, practice, or otherwise improve your playing. You may also participate in the performance while tap tempo stereo looper instruments like synthesizers. The new indicator on the RC-1 is also quite inventive and helpful in its own right. You have the option to look at the current settings for the Record, Overdub, and Play modes. Furthermore, you can convert the indicator to a way that visually follows your loop time. During overdubbing as well as playback, the rotating speed of the hand is directly proportional to the length of time that the Lil looper is active.

BOSS RC-1 Loop Station

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Amazon Basics SOS Guitar Loop Pedal

Amazon Basics SOS Guitar Loop Pedal depresses the footswitch only once. Record mode is active when the LED indicator on the SOS looper becomes red.

When you are through playing your riff, press the footswitch once again. When the LED indicator on the SOS looper is green, the playback mode is active. The interpretation starts playing over again, endlessly. When the loop is completed, an LED indicator will blink to indicate that it has returned to the beginning. The maximum duration of the loop is five minutes. When you’ve finished creating your initial loop, the SOS looper will allow you to overdub your new riff an infinite number of times.

To record an overdub on top of the riff, press the footswitch once while the loop is being played back. The green LED light will soon turn red, letting you know that the SOS looper is again in recording mode and that you are prepared to begin. After you have finished playing through a loop in SOS Looper, pressing again will bring you back to the playback mode.

The whole overdub riff is played when the playback mode is selected on the SOS looper. The length of the original loop is unaffected by the addition of the new riff as an overdub, and there is no limit on the number of layers you can overdub. Simply pressing and holding the footswitch for more than 1.5 seconds will cause the preceding riff to play backward. The last layer may be removed by undoing only one more step.

The LED indicator will quickly blink as you untie the loop in the chain. If you wish to redo the undo, press and hold the footswitch for more than 1.5 seconds; doing so will repeat the loop you just finished undoing. The LED indicator will quickly blink when going through the loop more than once. For example, pushing the footswitch twice a row will either stop recording or start playing.

When in the stop state, the LED indicator will continue to illuminate to show that the loop has not been lost and is still available for usage. The Amazon Basics SOS Guitar Loop Pedal is available on

Amazon Basics SOS Guitar Loop Pedal

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LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal Guitar Looper, Pedal Tuner Function Looper Loops 9 Loops 40 minutes Record Time for Electric Guitar Bass

LEKATO looper has nine loops and a maximum recording period of ten minutes for each loop, for a total recording time of forty minutes. The graphical time display is fantastic.

The LEKATO Guitar contains an efficient and advanced chip created using code to enhance product performance. With the chip, you can guarantee an effective recording function, sensitivity adjusting functionality, a sampling rate of 48K/24bit, and excellent tone quality that is lossless and uncompressed. In addition, you can get the excellent effect possible with this pedal. The power source of the LEKATO Guitar is electric, specified nine voltages.

LEKATO Loopers are lightweight, practical, and long-lasting. Its compact size and lightweight aluminum alloy construction make it practical and long-lasting. And it is suitable for indoor exercises or outside gigs.

The Lekato guitar effect pedal allows you to appreciate pure music. The LEKATO guitar looper has a sensitive tuning mechanism. Continuous switching will not result in dissonant pauses between phrases. Allow yourself to live a vibrant and colorful life!

LEKATO guitar loopers can effortlessly import/export music to/from a PC through USB for uploading/downloading wav loop files with an external pedal and no need for a disc. The LEKATO Guitars have looping functionality with limitless overdubbing. You can access the Record, Undo/Redo, Stop, and Erase via special foot instructions through a single button. A single knob controls the volume of loop playback.

LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal

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VSN Twin Looper Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Loop Station 11 Types of Play with 10 Minutes of Recording Time

Original manufacturers for this VSN Twin Looper Station Electric Guitar twin looper station offer the quality of the highest level and technological innovation at the forefront of the industry.

The capabilities of REC (up to 10 minutes), PLAY, and OVERDUB are supported. In addition, the effects also pedal REC record for up to ten minutes.

The ability to alter channels (L/R) and play forward and backward are all supported by this expression pedal feature (recording function disabled).

On the VSN Twin Looper Station Electric Guitar, you can independently adjust the left and right channel volumes. In addition, you may adjust the recording and playing speeds with this parameter. Furthermore, VSN Twin Looper Station Electric Guitar allows users to import and export recordings through USB.

True bypass, analog dry through, and high-quality audio are some guitar-oriented characteristics included in this product. The VSN Twin looper is the best possible mix of quality, originality, and convenience of use. It has a 10-minute recorded loop length, allowing for an unlimited number of overdubs, and has to undo and redo capabilities.

It has all of the fundamental looper features built into it. The VSN Twin Looper gives you the ability to play loops backward, as well as to slow them down to fast, half-speed, or both speeds at the same time. As you can expect, the outcome might be a mediocre or jaw-dropping performance that completely stuns the audience and makes them halt in their tracks.

When the device is successfully linked to a computer over a USB connection, two yellow LEDs will light up simultaneously, and then the user can run the application. Please be aware that the power source for the USB port is not present. Compatible with both the Windows and Mac operating systems. 

VSN Twin Looper Electric Guitar

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Final Thoughts

The number of tracks a pedal should have is one of the most important considerations when looking for the best  looper pedal for your needs. For example, a songwriter experimenting with lead parts or even harmonies would benefit from using a single-track looper as their sketchpad. You may also utilize them to your advantage if you want to enhance the odd segment or a few songs during your live performance. 

A multi-track looper is something you should invest in if you dream of being the next KT Tunstall or Ed Sheeran. These loopers may contain two, three, or even four tracks, enabling you to flip between various song portions in a snap (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.). 

It’s also crucial to take your available footswitches into account. The live functioning of the looper is made much easier by increasing the number of switches chosen. As a direct consequence, the functionality of many single- and double-footswitch loopers may be extended using extra footswitches.

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